Finding Comfort In Chaos

I never thought I would write about this, but here I am trying to make some sense of it. This is going to be slightly long so stay with me. Being in the medical field, I come across anxious and worried families of the patient all the time. A part of my job is to... Continue Reading →

Practicing Gratitude : Why You Should Practice Gratitude In These Times

Virus. Pandemic. Lockdown. Quarantine. Unlock. Virus 2.0 It’s hard to stay positive when these are the words we’re being exposed to day in and day out. Of course, the fact that we’re cooped up at home  only makes the situation worse. Over the last few months, I have read a lot of books in order... Continue Reading →

The Imposter Syndrome Is Real!

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Like your friends or colleagues are going to discover you’re a fraud, and you don’t actually deserve your job and accomplishments? If so, you’re in good company. These feelings are known as Imposter Syndrome, or what psychologists often call impostor phenomenon. An estimated 70% of people experience... Continue Reading →

Nutrition: An Essential Ingredient For A Healthy Mind

Representational Image Note : This article is neither written or owned by Bombay Ficus. It is written by Kripa Jalan and Sharang Shah and published here. Globally, massive strides have been made in the last few decades to improve both the quality of and access to healthcare, but this progress has been lopsided. While certain... Continue Reading →

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