The Run


Take a thousand steps and maybe a thousand more,

And ever so often you’ll want to take a thousand more.

In the mornings, evenings or late at night,

A therapeutic activity to test your fight.

Every step taken is a step closer to your goal,

A step towards making your achievement whole.

And when your muscles ache and your face is red,

Remember your determination that got you out of bed.

Push through your limits and dig into your grit,

Recognize your potential and find new targets to hit.

Inspire the people around you including your peers,

Encourage them to fight and face their fears.

Run like a hare or as steady as a tortoise,

Ignore all the noise and listen to your voice.

Remember all the hard work and all the times you bled,

Once a runner, always a runner they said.

-The Travellothoner

50 thoughts on “The Run

  1. Thanks so much for liking a post on The Expositrix!
    Although I’m still a fitness nerd, I’m no longer running—save for maybe twice a year, when I have to bust out for a long run that inevitably results in odd feelings of heady transcendence. Therapeutic, indeed!

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  2. Poetry in motion. It’s not so much poe (as in the tell tale heart), as it is try with some umph! I’ve never trained for a marathon. But I’ve trained for and completed three half marathons. I know I’m having a good run when I’m rhyming in my head instead of whining in my tread. Best wishes to you! And thanks for liking my post!

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  3. Impactful words… ‘Remember your determination that got you out of bed.’ that line emphasizes so much on a common mistake we all make on our journey to success. We do gather up the courage to start things but then forget the importance of why we started. Really inspiring post! 🙂

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