I just want to have someone around, A person who’ll pick me up when I’m on the ground. Someone who longs to see me as much as I long to see them,  Just a person who treats me like a gem. A person who makes you their number one priority,  Someone who can command over... Continue Reading →

Raavan : Enemy Of Aryavarta By Amish Tripathi

The third instalment in the Ram Chandra series, Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta, follows Raavan’s life, set in 3400 BC. A fierce warrior, brilliant scholar, ruthless businessman, powerful king, artist, musician and statesman all rolled into one, Raavan is known in mythology as the villain who kidnapped Sita, wife of mythical god Ram, in the epic Ramayana. Instead of... Continue Reading →

A Woman

You are like a little bird Just learning to take flight.   A breath of fresh air Shining like the sun so bright.   You distribute endless joy As great as a baby's smile.   A package with endless potential All wrapped in a body that itself creates life.   -The Travellothoner

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