A Broken Friendship

I write words I cannot say, I feel emotions I cannot portray, There’s a sadness by the end of day, A karmic price I’ve got to pay. A better friend I could’ve been, A few more thoughts I should’ve given, But at life I could never win, For I never loved myself from within. Something... Continue Reading →

Headed For A Heartbreak

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5L3OFB5I8Wwhz0vZc1vz7r?si=ZUJFn0I8SDuJeU_kmN8VKw There’s something so beautiful and alluring about love. Everyone talks about how it helps you grow and brings out the best in you. How it feels like to love and to be loved. And then people also talk about how it destroys you. The way it dismantles you and breaks you after it’s gone.... Continue Reading →


https://open.spotify.com/episode/2RYN4E5hfp8jngoMG1Wq0u?si=27MS166hTCG3RUWZj_Gh3w They got out of the lift and entered the basement. It was dark and a light was flickering in the distance, like in any horror movie. Somewhere between entering the lift and getting out of it, Agastya and Ruche came close and held hands, almost as if out of instinct. Neither of them spoke... Continue Reading →

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