Workout Myths – Squat Edition

Back squats are unquestionably one of the single most productive exercises that can be performed in the weight room to increase overall strength and power. Together with bench presses and deadlifts, this trio in my opinion are the most effective at gaining overall strength and gaining muscle. There’s no reason there should be blanket cues... Continue Reading →

Benefits of a body-weight workout

Bodyweight training is as simple as it gets and requires no equipment in order to perform it. 1. It's a super-efficient workout. Research suggests high-output, bodyweight-based exercises like plyometrics yield awesome fitness gains in short durations. Since there's no equipment involved, bodyweight workouts make it easy to transition from one move to the next with little... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Nutrition Top of Mind

I came across this article on The Crossfit Journal, and it is definitely worth a read!The original link for the article is here : Disclaimer : I do not own this article, nor do I have any contribution in this writing, or have anything to do with the writers or publishers of this post. I simply... Continue Reading →

How To Reboot Your New Year Resolutions!

We've all been there. Made resolutions that were unrealistic or just not motivating enough; and we've learnt from these mistakes and refined our resolutions BUT not mid-year, we just procrastinate it to the next year. Most resolutions are either aimed towards self-improvement and self-development or aimed at just making certain changes. I bet many of... Continue Reading →

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