Headed For A Heartbreak


There’s something so beautiful and alluring about love. Everyone talks about how it helps you grow and brings out the best in you. How it feels like to love and to be loved. And then people also talk about how it destroys you. The way it dismantles you and breaks you after it’s gone. They talk about scars and healing and forgiving and believing and of course, hope.

But what people don’t talk about is the hardship and distress you endure while sustaining it. The days when you don’t feel like you’re in love. The days when you want to give up on something or someone. The days when you feel so lost and restless that you cannot find your way back. The days you shut your eyes in anguish trying hard to not let go. The days when you just want to push the person away and breathe in the air around you. Just you. The times when you decide to put yourself first after pouring in all the efforts you could over months and years and how they were not reciprocated.

So you do. You let the person you thought the world of go away. You push them out even.


People also don’t talk about the aftermath and the absolute destruction it causes. The way your world falls apart like a controlled explosion in the middle of a bustling city with no one to get hurt but yourself. People don’t talk about the days where you have to wake up and live each day knowing that you are the reason for your own doom. The moments when you wish you could turn back the time and do something different to have made it last.

You think about how you should’ve worn that stupid Christmas hairband with the reindeer horns that she was obsessed with. Or how you should’ve worn his favorite shade of lipstick.

People also don’t talk about how these little regrets are nothing but a trail of breadcrumbs which leads to the first house that both of you made with innocent love. There are pictures of you enjoying on your first day on the nightstand by the bed. The bed too, is left exactly the way it looked the first time you undressed in front of them and had more than a naked body for them to judge. The curtains are slightly open too and the window gazes straight into your soul, more bare than your body in front of them. The house is nothing but a mirage and you standing there is an image of you from your perfect past.

So what people don’t talk about, is how you take a sledgehammer and bring that house down and sit in the rubble, your crying face in your palm and wail till you can’t speak anymore. Cry till your voice gives away.

Then you stand up and find another person to build a home with, the sledgehammer still tucked under your shirt though.

Yes. That. Let’s talk about that.

Vaishnavi Arote & Janak Goswami


19 thoughts on “Headed For A Heartbreak

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  1. Wow. From the first line it catches you by the scruff of your neck and submerges in the high seas of emotional turmoil with a conclusion that as unexpected as it can be. Yet poetic.

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  2. Yes, true. We don’t talk about it. Because no one would know the way we love. Likewise, no one would know the way we hurt. It’s just ours to keep 🖤 And this pain is an essence of life, and that perfect past is a part of it.

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  3. Life is full of heartbreaks, from so many different directions. My heart has always belonged, or held in the palms of a boy who out of the blue (5 weeks into the school year) walked into my 10th grade Algebra class.
    I have always hated math, but he made my heart skip a beat the moment I saw him. I was 15, and I was smitten. He was new, and beautiful beyond words.
    I had never dated, or even kissed a boy, it was like being struck by lightning and lightning never strikes twice.
    I could never imagined back then that 37 years ago, my heart would still feel the same way.
    There have been so many heartbreaks and so many tears with so many unknowns throughout the years. But within the heartbreaking moments there is also the greatest joy. Even though at times we seem to be polar opposites, we always return to each other, in love.
    I will never regret marrying my very best friend.
    All of that from the top of my head, but I am feeling a poem coming on…
    Thank you for your inspiration 🙏

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