I’m not afraid of other people doubting me,

I’m afraid of doubting myself.

I’m not afraid of other people disliking me,

I’m afraid of disliking myself.

I’m not afraid of other people calling me ugly,

I’m afraid of feeling ugly.

I’m not afraid of anyone else,

but I’m only afraid of my myself.

-By Kohmal khanna 💌


127 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. zzqbtz

    True. How we view ourselves affects how others view us. Let’s all of us work at loving ourselves more, feeling great and beautiful and being more confident of our strengths.

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  6. I think I’m in a place where I’m a bit more afraid of what other people think than I’m afraid of what I think of myself. I’ve kind of accepted who I am, but I still need other people in my life to improve its quality.

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