My First Day as an ‘AUTHOR’


I am not an author. 

I don’t know if what I do qualifies as writing either. All my work you’ve seen on this blog is quite often nothing but me rambling or just adding my thoughts on paper (or a screen) or writing poetry after having my heart broken. I don’t even know the first thing about writing. I am a commerce student from a business and finance background who has not even participated in an elocution competition in school.

For me, writing began with maintaining a personal diary over the internet (that page doesn’t exist anymore) to penning down my travel stories and slowly moving on to more organised and thoughtful content. In my mind, I always see myself as a retired entrepreneur who’s replacing his day job with teaching and using the additional free time to write (It doesn’t hurt to dream!).

But you can’t really control all these ideas and thoughts in your head that you’d like to have penned down, can you?


So, without further procrastination, I started writing the first chapter to my ‘new book’. Quite the irony, given how I have nothing but ideas and a very inadequate and shabby first chapter. 

Before I began, I did google some basics. An Indie writer doing about a hundred thousand words (100,000; I like how a hundred thousand sounds, as opposed to ‘A Lakh’) is a good start, with each chapter being 4000-5500 words (Or upto 10k-12k words if it is a classic). 

Sounds reasonable right? I thought so too!! So here’s my math :

1 book = 100,000 words = 20 chapter of 5000 words. 

If I plan to finish it within a year, that’s less than 300 words a day or more than 2 weeks for a chapter. 

So I did start. I knew exactly where I was going to begin and exactly what I was going to write, and I did. 60 minutes later, having written my entire first chapter, I ended at 1064 words. As far as my math was concerned, I did way better than my daily target. BUT, I was out of ideas with nothing to add. My imagination although, still flowing, knew nowhere to take a pause or how to go ahead. 


So shitty, I know. Well, I let it go. I knew what I needed to do. I needed to talk to more people, research on some new characters and backgrounds and then slowly and steadily bring it all together. Not as easy as it sounds though, since this would take up atleast a few weeks/months and totally screw up my timeline. 

But, a good night’s sleep and after rereading my first chapter a few times (it hardly took any time), some ideas popped. Then some more. It’s not even been 12 hours since my day began, but I am flowing with ideas and this time, I am writing it all down as a maniac. It is distracting though. 


Taking a pause every few minutes to ponder on a new idea, critiquing it in my head and writing the outcome in that tiny notes app on my phone. Although as cumbersome as it sounds, I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!!

There’s just something really satisfying and joyful about being inspired and motivated and have your creative juices flowing. Boy oh boy, do I love this feeling!

So yeah, it was a very deflating and uninspiring first day, but it was a start; AND…. I am loving the second day of it so far!



  1. I liked your post about your first day on the job. Very uplifiting. You sound like a very resilient person. I admire it. You have a good voice. That’s what editors buy, I believe, the voice.
    Happy writing to you and surprising speed and progress!
    Mark from Toronto.

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    1. For most type of writing I agree with you. That said there is a “Lace Ceiling” that prevents male authors writing about social issues from being published unless they chose to become intellectually dishonest by sticking to the party line.

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  2. Sit down every day and write. It doesn’t have to be GREAT LITERATURE. The success is in doing it every day. The joy is in creating characters you love, torturing them to your heart’s delight and then helping them resolve the challenges you set up for them. The thrill is in finding out just how creative you are. Best of luck on this most wonderful of journeys.

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  3. Seems like a lot of folks are running into the block issue lately.

    The advice I received and still promote is: Write about not being able to write. Editing is an entirely different process, so to help turn off the inner editor, I start off with something like:

    “I don’t know what to write, in fact I am sure I have nothing to write today and I am looking at a blank screen and the words I do write seem to mock me. Speaking of mocking, I think the bird outside my room is mocking me. I distinctly saw him stick out his tongue and waggle it as me and that kind of makes me mad like Kyle is when he takes the flaming sword out of the statue’s stony grip and…”

    Cut out the beginning at a later date, but keep writing until you can’t any longer. I heard that back in high school and I follow that advice 35 or so years later.

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  4. You are indeed an author and a very good one at that.

    I will let you in on a little secret I never took writing courses nor studied Poetry.

    I am a self taught Poet, Short Story Author and Essayist.

    I simply had the desire to write and one day I sat down, pulled out a piece of paper and began to write.

    I started to write when I was 16 amd stopped writing in my early twenties.

    I didn’t begin to write again until I was 35 yrs old after the untimely death of my father.

    Every style I have written in I did not get from a book; but, developed on my own during my free time.

    So keep on writing as you are already good at it; but, the more you write the better at it you will become.

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        1. And it took a lot of reading, researching, thinking and day dreaming to get where I am today.

          Writer’s block comes and goes but an author is always an author.

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            1. Hmmm the best thing to do when stuck is to lay aside what your working on for a time.

              And continue to program your mind by reading and researching.

              Throughout my life I have managed to pick up a tidbit of facts here and there.

              Some of my most profound insights come to me when a couple of those facts unexpectly collide together.

              Causing me to exclaim WOW !

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          1. For me it has a struggle and a choice to remain intellectually honest. Which is why I look at both sides of an issue even after making up my mind.

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  5. You are most welcome.

    It is up to us old geezers to mentor and encourage those like yourself standing upon our shoulders.

    In the hope that your generation and those following after; will create a better world to live in for all of us.

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  6. Good luck and best wishes! Writing a book is not an easy task. Is it fiction or non-fiction? The most I have written for fiction is during NANOWRIMO, but this year, I was not able to do any writing at all. I hope you fare better than me. Hahaha… Have a nice day!

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  7. so amazing! and definitely inspiring. I have always had similar dreams but never felt like I could do it. Makes me so happy to hear a fellow dreamer taking steps to follow their dreams. I can’t wait for the finished product and to hear of the journey 💋

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  8. When I started painting I knew nothing about the process. I bought a couple brushes, a bit of paint, learned a few basics and took off on my first painting. After learning the basics, classes only confused my natural ability to create. I became a copy cat. I lost the joy and quit. . . . I did the same when I started writing.
    Now I write my way, but not so much my way that no one can understand me (I hope) It’s fun. . . . That is my only requirement because in today’s world there is NO money in writing other then fun for the author. You must write pretty good or you would not even be on my reading list.

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  9. Your opening paragraph purely describes me I loved it got me thinking of actually posting the “stuff” I write on my Evernote account. Thank you.

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  10. You reminded me of my first few days as an author of my unfinished book😂. Exactly on 11th dec, 2019 I started writing my book & I even wrote 3 chapters totalling 2k words approx. But then my energy came to a thudd!! I was out of ideas & then I got busy & never wrote anything….I wish to start writing it again🙃

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  11. This IS some great progress, and motivation for me. I don’t regularly write but I recently start making myself write a bit for 10 minutes every day. Eventually I’d spend 30-45 minutes digging into a certain point. Some colleagues would advise me against spending time on blog posts (I should publish “academically”) but I don’t care: perhaps something good will come out of my posts. 🙂 Thanks so much for your post, indeed!

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    1. What your colleagues suggest has always been a constant battle in my head. It’s just that I cannot separate my love for writing from everything else that I post and in the end I just tell myself, ‘this is my blog and I’ll do as I please’ and post things anyway!


  12. If ever you want to take my suggestion, I would like to tell you something. Never go for word count. It kind of destroys the author’s vision. What happens when you count words – “you will reach a saturation point”. And that’s a tricky place for a writer. It’s okay to write just one sentence and sometimes ten pages. Your mind will sprout with words no matters where and what you’re doing. If you have decided to write a book, you will complete it at the right time. Because this comes from a person who is a writer and an author. Wishing you the best and keep writing.

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  13. I sometimes find that the best way to deal with writers block is to just jump a load of writing onto the page, without really caring about the quality. It sounds like you are an author though!

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  14. Hi, Thank you for reading my post! As for you being a writer, In my book, if you write, you are a writer.Being an ‘author’ is a different matter! Your simple, direct way of writing already points the way, which I’d bet is UP.

    I am nearly as old as Methuselah, so should have learnt something by now! The funny thing about learning and gaining knowledge is, that however long and hard you chase it, you suddenly realize how much there is to learn and how little you know! This is not a bad thing, for you will never become complacent or swollen headed if you accept there will always be better than you, but YOU can be better than many others…I may be old in years, but not mentally, and my curiosity keeps me going. I’d challenge a banana or cheese any day of the week!! The very best of good luck. Cheers! .

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  15. Never count when you write! I would never recommend that. Just let the ideas flow. Whether it’s fast or slow, it doesn’t matter. You might get writer’s block along the way but that’s ok. Just don’t count. That said, you’re doing well. ♥️

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  16. If you’re writing, you’re a writer. You don’t have to achieve expertise. What matters is you keep at it if you truly like doing it. Best wishes on your book journey!

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  17. Haha! I totally LOL when you wrote in all caps that you hit your writer’s block so soon. Yes, writing is a creative, right-brain act. As others have said, just open up to the flow without thinking or worrying about spelling, editing, or anything else that your left brain or your “inner editors” might throw at you. Thanks for visiting Words Divinely Wrought!

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  18. Not that you asked, but I view the process of thought to finished product as linear, not unlike mining. Sometimes were just digging in the mud, and it often feels like were going nowhere. However, if we know there is gold beneath the muck, we can’t stop. Some days its brain farts and playing solitaire. Other days I can’t get the words out fast enough.
    But if I could give you advice, don’t worry about chapters, word count, or page count. At least not yet. We use those devices to parse out our single works of writing to make it easier to navigate for the reader. Get the bulk of the work on page before worrying about organizational structures. You may find half way through that what you wanted to write and what is needing to be written are two totally different things. You may not find your narrative voice till 100 pages in.
    My rule of thumb is to never get in the way of what the work wants to say. As I wrote years ago, “A poets only job/is to shape himself to an instrument/ through God’s breath passes through/and erupts as beautiful music.”
    Be more channel and less gavel.

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