It Is All Over


It is all over today, 

The bond that existed my entire childhood. 

A thousand memories that meant so much to me,

All of which are down to dust.

I’ve hated you for a while but I knew you always cared,

I’m indifferent about your existence now after the things you said.

You can never take those words back and I’ll carry them with me forever,

We’ve reached a point where I don’t think this relationship will mend ever.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me,

For all the times that you cared.

I’m not going to be a burden anymore,

Soon I’m going to be out of your hair.

I wish I were drunk cause it was hard to hear those words while being sober,

But don’t worry, moving forward we’re totally over. 


96 thoughts on “It Is All Over

  1. mslanak

    Soo feel the words of this poem. I understand where you are coming from and feel like I’ve been there myself. That moment of clarity brings forth many emotions. You are worthy! You are enough! You are resilient!

    Liked by 1 person

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