So Close And Yet So Far


I was taking a walk down memory lane,

like I seldom do.

One of the things that struck out to me,

was my story with you.

We’ve known each other for almost a decade,

And been friends for just two.

But our paths crossed decades ago,

Around the time when ‘text messages’ were still new.

We went to the same school you and I,

Although a couple of years apart.

Little did I know that we’d be bestfriends,

When 2 years ago we took a fresh start.

Our friendship is weird,

Something I don’t fully understand.

Why does it have to function like two functions of a switch?

Seldom on and seldom off, but ever so damned!

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  1. Aah. I liked it! It’s something I can relate to. What comes to my mind is, ocean meeting the shore and then leaving back again. It’s never ending and you have no idea why the hell do you even meet each other! Frustrating!

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  2. I love the idea of getting into a relationship with someone I met a long time ago. Maybe we’d met each other on vacation and now after years we finally meet again when we live in the same city. Not quite the same as the friendship you describe but still.

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