Good Goodbye


It feels weird to think you’re leaving this time around,

A lot more unsettling than it ever was before.

I knew it was never permanent before based on the way you’d sound,

I wish I could say or believe that anymore.

We’ve known each other for over a decade,

And yet a simple dinner that sparked things off.

I still remember that white dress you wore,

Which made you look like a dinosaur.

You’ve been the best bestfriend anyone could ask for,

Your personality and principles I really adore.

I know the departure is imperative because it is a chance for you to grow,

Your grit is inspiring and presence as peaceful as snow.

I’ll never forget that post lockdown hug,

Because to me it felt like home.

In me you’ll find a forever cheerleader and supporter,

Irrespective of wherever in this world you roam.

Ps. Here’s a photo which will explain the dinosaur reference.


61 thoughts on “Good Goodbye

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  1. This is so wonderful… I LOVED the dinosaur line even without the image, because it’s so unusual, but the image made it super duper cute. 😄 Lovely poem 🙏😊

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