A Writer’s Pain

It’s nothing much,

Just a feeble try to convey how deeply I felt,

Words that so easily get my heart to melt,

If only there was a way to put it all away,

And start afresh the next day.

I know you are trying to relate,

And that’s the reason I put my heart on this god damned slate,

These words might stick to you or not,

Yet a piece of me definitely stays out there to rot.

It’s a writer’s pain etched in stone,

Crushing the wound into the very bone,

Does it pain to read the way it pained to write?

Or was this a fateful defeat I had to fight?


31 thoughts on “A Writer’s Pain

  1. Thanks for this, I know its part of the writing process. But ‘editing’ is very painful. To be confronted with your own writing and to have it reflected back is….ouch! Maybe its just me?


  2. elenațăpean

    Mishra, I felt your line “Does it pain to read the way it pained to write?” I know what this means and how does it feel. I myself spend 16 hours straight of composing pain like a woman in labour, but when I read what I’ve wrote the next day, I found myself asking: “Why is it so damn easy to read an entire chapter than to write it?” So, yeah, that line goes into my memory.


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