Engaging in Sports Is The Best Workout!

If you are anything like me, working out is an absolute priority. Although in this day and age, it is nowhere as close to a priority as it should be for most people. A lot of people will look themselves in the mirror a million times and tell themselves, “you suck, do some crunches. Eat some salad. Do something.” However, subsequently resort to eating some chips or gulping some soda in the evening. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve found the secret workout program that I think is going to revolutionalise the non-existent workout routine. It is called ‘Sports’, and it is pretty amazing.

Can you relate to this person?

An average 22-26 year old person, with a day job and social commitments. Even if given 45 minutes to do a workout, you’d rather spend it sleeping or relaxing or Netflixing, and how many times have you looked into a workout program that basically challenged you but also wasn’t too challenging to discourage you, and was at least some fun at the same time. And how many of you found yourself on google, searching for something while slumping on your couch, because that’s just what we do now!

The answer to your question is Sports. It doesn’t matter which one, as far as engaging in it requires you to stand on your two feet. Now, here’s the part that I really like. It is one of the most customisable things you can do. You can pick ANYTHING you want to do. Quite literally, ANYTHING!

If you don’t feel like running, you can jump to swimming. Don’t like swimming cause it affects your skin? Jump to Badminton; or rather, just take a rope and jump. Just select an activity that you do want to do and then you’re good to go.


You can choose the the amount of time that you want to spend working out. Anywhere between 30 – 45 minutes is a good option. For example: A 6 minute game of squash can easily help you burn about 100 calories. Same goes with tennis or badminton, a game of football or something as fun as dancing or Zumba. The best part is, most of these are partner workouts. You could decide to do them with your partner, a person who’s just as fit as you, or a person much fitter if you prefer a challenge. You’ll probably be so busy being competitive and having fun, while not even realising your heart rate is elevated.

The activity more likely than not is always going to be more intense than you’d ever expect. You could start as slow as twice a week, all the way upto making it a daily habit. All that adrenaline at the end and the profuse sweating will make you feel just as satisfied as getting appreciated after a good days work. It doesn’t matter if you’re killing yourself constantly, the only idea is that you do it regularly. I personally love a challenge and I know, since I am a competitive person, I am going to work really hard to continue to get a check mark every day.


Overall, I’d recommend a Sport or an activity for anyone who’s bored of running in the same place for 30 minutes or doesn’t like spending time in a 500 sq ft closed room.  If you have the motivation and 45 minutes a day to knock out a 500 calories workout, good for you, but for the rest, this is it. A workout program that isn’t impossible, fun and sustainable over a long period of time. I hope this post helps you consider/reconsider your alternatives, and make a move.

I also found this interesting article by Amanda Macmillan on Time Magazine which talks about a study, done by Daniel Aggio, a doctoral student at University College London, and his colleagues analyzing data collected over a period of 20 years about how sports played an important part in a person’s life especially during their 40s and 50s.

However, for people who’d still prefer working out at home, here’s a nice bodyweight workout to do at home. As always, stay healthy and stay fit.

The Travellothoner.

24 thoughts on “Engaging in Sports Is The Best Workout!

  1. I absolutely agree. Sports nourishes your mind , even more than your body. I would take my children out when they were young and play with them. Then I hired a karate coach. Sports has made them who they are today.

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  2. Moving is so important to being alert and feeling alive! Thirty years ago when I was laid up unable to move, I dreamt of wandering in a field. I could feel the wind, feel the sun, smell the grass. My yearning for that field back then is still palpable to me today. I love your inspirational post!! As you say, moving in some way, shape or form is do-able. The rewards are many-fold; in fact, too numerous to calculate. Moving could be the secret to our physical, mental, emotional and work-day success — available to each-and-every one of us. We just need to make that choice!

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  4. Kim Sa

    Totally agree! Sports is more fun while being physically active. However, working out especially at home is great as well for those who have limited time to sweat!
    I would be more than happy if you visit my page as well. 🙂


  5. micahlegare1

    Very nice advice. You might burn even more calories losing track of time while playing a sport you enjoy than counting down the seconds until a tedious gym workout is over.


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