You used to fill the void in my heart

Left you more spoken than not

Like a beer bottle that is rattled

I knew the tip off would leave them startled

What happened to you, what changed?

Wish I could tell you the facade left me maimed

Lying under the pile unexpressed

Like a bullet to the arm that hurts to death

This twisted tongue has some tied stories

The ones that fill you up till your throat

But those words rolled down the cheek instead

The ones that left you so overwhelmed

But a touch of love had you leave it instead

In the sleepless night when she asked you to tell about your despair

But you nudged the thought of dumping your emotional burden cause it’s just not fair

Like an unfinished story that deserved an end

Like a letter written, hiding in the books waiting to be sent

Like some old tattered ties waiting to mend

I wish some day you have the courage to speak those words

I hope you find somebody you can tell more than ‘Nothing much’

Till then it’s just the hope as such

Some words would have been better if said!


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