A Story

What if I start reciting to you a story,

Starting with ‘once upon a time’,

Revolving around a captivating human,

And their actions since their very existence.


You hear my words with great interest,

And resonate with every sentence I say.

Slowly it dawns upon you,

That I am simply describing your way.


Would your interest slowly change to wonder,

As I brush across each word.

Would you be surprised by the strength I hold,

About every truth that I know about your world.


Would your view of life be different,

Would it shock your insides,

The things that you thought defined you,

Can all be summed up in 2 lines.


Would you be proud of your actions,

Would your head lower down in shame,

Are these the actions you’d own,

Or deny them in regret.


As I go through the pages of this story,

And all the places it’ll lead,

Would you wonder about the pages left,

And vow to change how the story further read.

-The Travellothoner


  1. This has a lovely flow and expression; I currently have a short story on my blog which starts Once upon a time 🙂 so it was lovely for me to read this.

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  2. What has happened is past, It’s beyond our control, What will happen is future, It’s beyond our control, What is happening is present, It’s within our control, So one should live today, Than grieve or regret about yesterday.

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  3. What a great blog – traveling, running, poetry – some of my favorite things. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours. We’re always writing our own story, aren’t we, and we never know how others read us.

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  4. the story is simple,
    as we stand in front of the mirror,
    and in between us and the glass,
    time with its eternity pass.
    yet a reason lies unknown,
    when we are by our own,
    by nothing to reflect on,
    why do we absolve in ourselves,
    as the eyes and the scene.
    is the same being..?

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  5. Such poetry is rare to find. Coveted by those who fail to see.

    How vain to ponder the question hidden in the words so easily..

    Something so simply written flowing through your pen .

    Easy as 1,2,3. From beginning to to end.

    How vain I must be to answer with vanity and pride.

    I would hold my head up high .. even if I told a lie ..

    The truth is the reason I hold my head up high…

    A piece of poetry that had nothing to do with me or anything I can imagine it to truly

    Without a doubt
    That’s poetry that I really respect . 😁

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