Birthday Wishes – 2/10/1995



Another year has gone by quickly,

Another year of my existence on this planet.

It has been a year of tiny improvements,

But a year which wasn’t as significant.


I’ve read the key to a good birthday is to keep your expectations low,

Expect nothing but a cake and some candles to blow.

And what about your birthday wishes do they ever come true?

I have just one and over time on me it grew.


Nothing I want or need as far my birthday presents are concerned,

I like to believe my belongings I’ve earned.

But if you really are upto the task,

I letter from the heart is all I’d ask.


A new year has begun for me which means a fresh start,

I plan to work harder and focus on my art.

I look forward to reading one amongst the many wishes I get,

From the person responsible for my heart’s theft.


I hope it’ll be a year of joy and a day of glee,

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!


-The Travellothoner


87 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes – 2/10/1995

  1. Happy Birthday There!
    Wherever you are;

    What I will say or share is this,
    Age Quod Agis;
    It is a quote that keeps coming to me
    because ya see…
    It basically means “Do What You’re Doing”
    and I added in personally…so long as it doesn’t cause suffering;
    For us here, we generally know each other through our postings
    which can be in a way…communicating or bonding, but without physical meetings.
    Still, thank you is one thing I will say to you
    Also, keep being you;
    Inspiring, is one thing I can describe you;
    Maybe, I could meet you.

    Happy Birthday;
    Lots of Love;
    Lots of Blessings
    and Lots of…Everything!

    Yours Truly,

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