The Truth About Gyms

The pressure to get fit is real. I gave in at the beginning of the year and purchased a gym membership. Since then I have learnt a hell of a lot and I though I would share some truths about getting fit with you lovely people.

Starting and staying committed is the hardest part.

For the first 2 weeks I used to have a minor breakdown over having to go to the gym. I would feel amazing straight after the workout, but the build up to it I would be like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. After the two weeks of going to a class every other night it stopped feeling like torture and began to be something I would wake up looking forward to. Your adjustment time might be quicker than mine just don’t give up straight away!

Eating contributes more to weight gain or loss than the exercise. 

Going to the gym working hard and then coming home and eating whole dominos pizza will not have you seeing results you want any time soon. Your muscles need a good amount of protein to heal after a work out and carbs to give you energy to keep you going. No fad diets either, half the time these will only be short term solutions. Depending on your goal will depend on your food intake, but a balanced diet is a good place to start. I’m still working on getting my mix right, but since I’ve concentrated on reducing excessive carbs and sugar I have noticed better results and steadier energy levels throughout the day.

Results will not happen overnight.

It’s demotivating exercising on a regular basis and not seeing results straight away. It takes a while to see any real difference. Tracking your progress through photos bi-weekly or monthly and measurements rather than weighing yourself is probably the best way to see progress. Muscle weighs more than fat that means the scales can be deceiving. Also remember it’s not always about the results you can see on the outside, it’s also about how you feel. Before I could physically see a difference I could feel my body was stronger and more energised – that’s what really counts.

Gym buddies are real life heroes. 

Self motivation is hard; when you’re feeling weak its easy to just skip a day and then a day becomes a week and soon enough you’re no longer exercising at all. Having a friend, club, family member to exercise with is a great way to avoid this as you do not want to let them down and they will feel the same. If you find one person doesn’t share all you fitness interests then mix between a few different people so you always have the best motivation around you for each activity!

Want to improve a certain area ask a trainer.

It can be a bit embarrassing, but asking is probably the quickest way to finding out! Befriending the gym staff then getting them to help you plan you routines to improve a specific area will save you so much time and energy. If you’re not a gym member go on YouTube and have a flick through some videos, most of them will have the same moves which you can then use in your own routines.

You will feel happier and less tired. 

The endorphins released when exercising are linked to so many health benefits. This includes reduction in the chances of heart disease, diabetes, depression and obesity. I think through the commitment of trying to improve you body you begin to change the way you see yourself which helps you feel more confident.

-The Travellothoner

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  1. I agree with your thought about looking at your body to see your results. The scale doesn’t always show what your body is experiencing. Be patient in looking for results so it is probably better to check monthly instead of weekly.

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  2. I got put off the gym as a girl recorded me on her snap chat and laughed with her friends. It’s nasty and I’m just trying to. Muster the courage to go back. Suffering with anxiety doesn’t doesn’t.

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  3. I battled with my weigh for years. When I started going the gym I dreaded it at first but after a while I hated missing a session and was hooked and because I didn’t want to waste my efforts I really focused on my eating. Unfortunately I have the habit of once I feel great I need to stop and now the weight has piled on again 😔 but I’ve now got back into mind set of health eating and eventually will get back into the gym. 🙂

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  4. I recently joined a gym for the first time in 12 years choosing instead to do an insanity routine at home with my honey. However, I have reentered the gym scene and it is ok. All the things you mention are definately true. Also as you said you need that protein to rebuild your muscles, etc. Once you get into a routine it really feels great! Thanks for the great post.

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  5. Love this and totally agree on all points. An additional factor that I think is a huge deal is—pick the right gym for you. I think a lot of time people get seduced by the “deal” but really the thing is to find a gym that appeals to you on some level besides “I think I should lose weight and need a cheap gym membership”. For me, I need pool access to get really excited about my gym experience. My favorite gym (prior to moving across the country from it 😦 ) had a pool and was conveniently walkable. Both factors helped me to form the routine that then compelled me to take classes, talk to a trainer and lose 20+ pounds. I think there’s this perspective that any gym will do but realistically in order to form the habit it is smart to seek out a gym that has amenities you actually look forward to because even if it is a little bit pricier if you actually use the membership you are getting true value.

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    1. Yes very true. But I’d prioritise on proximity first. I could join the best gym in the world, but it’d still be useless if it’s too far away for me to get excited about it and want to go.

      Something that’s closer and more accessible will always be more ideal. It’s better to hit a normal gym 4-6 times a week than struggle to go thrice to an extraordinary one.

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  6. Reblogged this on Sarojini's Thoughts and commented:
    Gymming is committment…an in estment in your physical and mental health.
    Of course you need reasons to bunk initially, till you are steadfast for three weeks.
    Than it becomes a habit.
    The first changes show on your rosy skin.
    Don’t worry about weight fluctuations…as these are due to fluid loss and gains are due to muscle build up.
    Stay hydrated, and if you do develop cramps(do to water and electrolyte loss).

    Breaks are a must as the body repairs, and the changes are most evident after a break!
    Carry on burning muscle.
    Elderly hummers…do have an eye on your renal function!

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