The Choice

I didn’t fall in love with you,

I walked right into it with my eyes wide open.

Choosing to take every step along the way,

And having faith in what fate had in store for me.

I spend my days waiting for you,

Searching for your face through the crowds.

And my heart skipped a beat the moment we talked,

For my soul your little gaze had caught.

But I also believe we are fated to do things we choose anyway,

And I know I’d choose you in a hundred different lifetimes,

Across worlds and times, every second of the day.


-The Travellothoner

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  1. Okay, I can tell that you are young. That is great. I, on the other hand am old and I want to give you something to consider about your writing. Just consider removing the words β€œand, but and for” as first words in any line. Think of those words as taking a breath you don’t need tell the reader to pause or breathe they will do it instinctively and I promise it will not change the meaning of your poem. You are on the right track. How many words do you write each day, I try for 1,000. But I’m retired and have lots of time. Set goals. You are full up with good thoughts and ideas. – Judi

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    1. Hey, thank you so much. I shall definitely consider all that you’ve said, and try to work on it.

      I don’t try to write too much on a daily basis because I have studies and work that consume my entire day. I keep scribbling things whenever I get time, or just write on the notes in my phone.

      Thank you 😊


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