A second life – Part 2

A second life – Part 1 : A second life – Part 1

The biggest change I made for myself, was I started taking care of myself and my body. I started watching what I ate/drank and what I put my body through. But clearly, that was never going to be enough. You cannot undo 10 years of horrid eating habits, fast foods, drinking and a poor lifestyle by simply watching what you ate for the next 10 months.

And this is where the happiest part of my life comes into picture, “Working Out”. The people who know me know how important it is to me, and how big a part of my life it has become. My gym is sacred to me, my trainer my close buddy and my equipment my dearest tools.

For the first year or so, I only focused on getting my life together and keeping my head down and working hard to improve my circumstances. And naturally, it started to get noticed and all that attention helped me gain more confidence and motivated me to put in more hours and to make changes in other aspects.

An aspect of it was that I started noticing styles and fashion (Which upto this point I found torturous because in many ways, trends aren’t meant for fat people and shopping had always been a difficult, demotivating and sad task). I started making changes in my wardrobe one piece of apparel at a time. But I was still determined to not go all out, because I knew I was as far away from my goal as I had ever been. I started enjoying the small victories, but did not allow myself to get carried away.

And through it all, what helped me most was my self-criticism and the knack to hold myself accountable, and the urgency to better myself. I never felt short of motivation, and never lost faith in the process. I’d seen enough people and read enough to understand it was a long journey that required a lot of patience and there was no shortcut.

Simply starving myself out for 6 months to undo a decade of carelessness wasn’t sustainable or practical, and only counter-productive to what my goals were. Every few months, I found/identified with a mentor/partner and took strides along the way, but they kept evolving as my goals and methods changed. You cannot let someone else’s journey/ceiling limit

To be continued…

-The Travellothoner

Ps. You can read Part 3 here : A second life – Part 3

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