How Technology Is Changing the Way We Love

A state where you don’t care about yourself anymore,

A state where all your worries go to rest.

A state where your entire world changes for a few hours,

A state where being vulnerable feels the best.

A state of unknown tranquility and peace,

A state so powerful to put everything at ease.


A feeling of powerlessness at the lack of control,

A feeling of loneliness in a world so whole.

A feeling like taking a bullet doesn’t feel too much,

A feeling where logic simply goes to rust.


An emotion that can cause centuries of destruction,

An emotion that makes you feel invincible.

An emotion that demands the best in you,

An emotion that is experienced only by a lucky few.


A human that becomes your entire world,

A human that bares your heart so souled.

A human that makes you question yourself,

A human that completes your inadequate self.


Call it a state, an emotion, a feeling or something new,

Endless synonyms for a word with letters so few.

The ones who’ve felt it can’t describe it all,

The ones left out desperate to experience the fall.

-The Travellothoner

78 thoughts on “Love

  1. Sincerely ~ Exostid

    Travellothoner I wanna thank you for reading all. Well basically all of my lyrics and statements if you will … It’s greatly appreciated and would like to possibly chat with you sometime … ?

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  2. I enjoyed the poem. I like your blog. I like it all. And I appreciate your like in my post.

    BTW Just out of curiosity? Did you read the post Life And Death Go On …? in or did you only like the notice in

    I am trying to see what works for my readers and for myself. Plus I find it peculiar that I never get any likes or comments in and wonder why?

    Could you kindly let me know? Thanks. Much love, thiaBasilia 🙂

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  3. Ah, how nice this is! In April my husband and I will celebrate our 58th wedding anniversary. I can still attest to this kind of love you captured in your poem, here. LOVE is a blessing from our Creator, I would say. A gift that keeps on giving through the years. Everlasting LOVE.
    I also want to say “thank you” for your visit to my blog today, too. You inspire me so much ~ Lynda McKinney Lambert, PA author and visual artist.

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    1. Honestly, I just write the way I feel. It’s a very impromptu action. I can never plan it. And I read a lot of books, so the words sort of come together after all the reading. I hope that helps.


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