The New Friend

We exchanged looks at the library,

And I knew your face was new.

Little did I know back then,

That with time I’d start caring for you.


You seemed so pretty and jolly,

Always sporting a bright sunny smile.

Your stupid Manchester City jersey annoyed me though,

I could spot it from a mile.


I don’t know how it happened,

How we came so close.

I think I was in awe of one of your photos,

Where you held a striking pose.


I can imagine your face while I write this,

You seemed so weirdly amused.

Your eyebrows up and nostrils flaring,

While of being stupid I get accused.


I enjoy the wisdom that comes with your maturity,

I admire your heart and its purity.

You bring with yourself a mixture of beauty, joy and grace,

Your presence surely makes this world a better place.


-The Travellothoner

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