The Reunion


A collection of people I literally grew up with,

And suddenly in that midst when the reality hit.

Its been 7 years since I last saw this bunch,

A group I used to spend time with everyday till lunch.


From sharing benches, classrooms and busses,

To sharing secrets, pains and crushes.

From collectively hogging tiffins and sharing food,

To sharing answers on a test that wasnโ€™t so good.


From unbelievable banter, teasing and endless laughter,

To making promises of keeping in touch forever after.

And yet there I stood marvelling at the scene,

Trying to recollect how good life had once been.


It all seemed different and yet felt so familiar,

The happy smiles of the teachers we once used to fear.

The same vintage building now covered in fresh paint,

Thus began our journey through the walls so quaint.


And as I stood behind in my class with a happy smile,

To see all my classmates go back in time.

Recollecting memories that have us forever bound,

Never realised how much I missed that chaotic sound.


And the years recede as the time between ceased to be,

We were classmates again, the carefree friends we used to be.

It all seemed so familiar and yet felt so different,

All these mixed emotions housed within this building so magnificent.

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