My Road to 26.2 Miles – Week 2

After writing my first post last week, My road to 26.2 miles – Week 1 , what I thought would be the beginning of a fast journey towards achieving my goal, has turned out to be quite a slow and sluggish start. At the peak of my training, I literally waited all day just to get a workout in or head off to the gym. That’s certainly not the case anymore.

I find myself bored and making excuses to get out of going to the gym, or from going for a run, something which I hated to do a couple of months ago. I realise now, that it’s going to take a while before things are back into place like they originally were. It also does not help that I actually have genuine excuses in the form of exams approaching next week.

But having said this, there has been progress none the less. I did manage to run about 25kms this week, do 4 days of weight training climb about 45 flights of stairs and lose 1.2 kgs in the process. Its not the best start, but its better than not to have started. I just need to find my drive and find that work ethic that got my blood running the last time around.

My goal for the coming week (given I also have an exam to prepare for), is going to be to atleast get 30 kms worth of running and eat better and lose another kilo. At the end of this week, the real training shall begin and it’ll be time to raise my training intensity many fold. For now though, I am busy trying to find my legs under me and get into a good rhythm.

My situation has been similar to that of an athlete who comes off an injury. Full of enthusiasm and desperately trying to do too much and get back to speed as soon as possible, as if nothing ever happened. And in the process, managing to be all over the place, while still not being 100% game ready and probably not having lost some of that injury weight. But I shall get better, and that is a promise!

Until Next Time,

The Travellothoner.

8 thoughts on “My Road to 26.2 Miles – Week 2

  1. I’m in the same boat. Although not in school now. I had a few health issues last year and am barely back to the level I was before. I had intended to prepare for a marathon until then and was up to 8-10 miles 3x a week. Now I’m lucky to get in 2-5 3x a month. Best wishes and good luck.

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