The one I call Yoda


She’s not the shade of olive green,

Nor three feet tall or super lean.

But in many ways a teacher to whom I go,

Teaching me life lessons and helping me grow.


She’ll be found gazing through a window,

Or working in front of a screen.

Sipping on the coffee she so happily brews,

Pondering about feasting on her next cuisine.


She’s a very intelligent woman,

Always gives great advice.

She’s humble, hilarious and honest,

And a very good wife.


An undisguised beauty,

she holds within her heart.

Always working on ways,

To make the change start.


She’s like a rose that grew out of concrete,

Talking to her is nothing short of a treat.

Unapologetically honest she’ll let you know,

An honest believer in quid pro quo.


She’s fun to be around, more so when drunk,

As peaceful and sorted as a Buddhist monk.

She’s mean to me like any bestfriend would,

But on my side she’s always stood.


I can assure you that I am being sincere,

When I tell you I will always be near.

This distance can only keep us physically apart,

But you’ll forever have a place in my heart.


-The Travellothoner

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  1. It sounds like you’ve found what ancient King Lemuel talked about: “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” I wouldn’t trade my excellent wife for the all the riches in all the world. I think you might agree 🙂

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