The Night

The sun is setting still,

The moon is yet to rise,

And all we’re left to see is,

Beauty in earth’s eyes.


The trees stand proud and tall,

And the clouds loom in the sky,

Its probably going to rain today,

As the gods begin to cry.


The stars have started to shine now,

Their twinkle litting up the sky,

The moon has taken its place,

Amidst the twinkle as the hours go by.


A tainted crescent today,

Unable to showcase its complete glory,

Setting about a poetry in motion,

Inspiring us humans to make a new story.


So I stare in wonder with amaze and awe,

A picture I wish I was able to draw,

The night still young but with limited time,

Waiting to unfold yet another rhyme.


And as the stars fall from the dark sky,

I sigh to myself and bid a goodbye,

And slowly the night fades into day,

As the grays disappear and I fade away.

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