The Pure Hearts

Everyone needs friends to share their troubles with,

Keep these people as close to you as your teeth.

Some volunteer to hear your troubles,

Others just wait for you to pop those bubbles.


But once in a while you come across a Pure Heart,

Someone who’s always been far apart.

You don’t know them and they don’t know you,

Your interactions have been none or very few.


Their actions are questionable but their intentions pure,

Why would a stranger want to present you a cure.

They want to listen to your problems and be your friend,

An act so rare in this recent trend.


And later you realise your problems are so petty,

Whereas theirs lie bigger and heavier than a yeti.

And it makes you wonder about this lovely soul,

Trying to mend your broken pieces when they themselves weren’t whole.


Pain understands pain is what they told me,

To not leave anyone alone is their only plea.

I’ve never felt smaller than in that moment,

When they said they did not need my lament.


For you pretty soul I have nothing but respect,

Nothing but love in every aspect.

And for you I promise I’ll always be around,

All you have to do is make a sound.

-The Travellothoner

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