How To Reboot Your New Year Resolutions!

We’ve all been there. Made resolutions that were unrealistic or just not motivating enough; and we’ve learnt from these mistakes and refined our resolutions BUT not mid-year, we just procrastinate it to the next year. Most resolutions are either aimed towards self-improvement and self-development or aimed at just making certain changes.

I bet many of you either wanted to lose weight, be fit, or have some element of fitness goals on your annual resolutions. Therefore, if you fell off the wagon, and want to get back on it… it isn’t too late. It’s never too late. Here is how you can start over:

  1. Pull out your resolutions – whether they were scribbled on a piece of paper, a note on your phone or a word document on your cloud… pull it out, and read it. See if it still aligns with your life. And if they were a mental note, pen it down and stick the paper somewhere, so that it can remind you of your goals everyday!
  2. Assess the status of your resolutions. That fitness goal … yes you know you have it listed and have certainly not forgotten about it. Assess how far you have come, did you lose a pound or 2, or are you behind? That’s OK, there is still time to get back in the game! 9 full months and change. Don’t lose motivation – starting over is better than giving up permanently.
  3. List out smaller goals to get to the big goal – I suggest, to break that resolution in parts and make that resolution more defined, so that you can measure your success in small bits. Each week, aim towards maybe 3 – 4, 30 minute workout sessions. As the week begins (my running week starts on a Monday) start checking off your completed workouts for the week on a calendar. You will feel more accomplished, instead of counting pounds.
  4. Don’t be afraid to realign your goals – changing or modifying your resolutions doesn’t mean failure. Maybe you wanted to start dance classes, and now you have realised, that meh, it’s not that important to your life goals as you thought. Maybe you are now more interested in taking a kick-boxing or sharpening up your technical or interpersonal skills, do that instead
  5. Read your resolutions on a daily or weekly basis – keep those resolutions close by. Read them to remind yourself of your goals. If you have a private place to stick it up, do that… if you don’t care about other people reading them, stick them up in your office, on the fridge and in your bedroom! Reading them will help you become them!

So take time today in this lovely life, and start over! I have a few things to start over myself. And I am proud to admit it. Better start over, than give up or let go!

Until Next Time,

The Travellothoner.

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